Reed Cowan and Dustin Lance Black Team Up To Make A Documentary About Anti-Gay Bullying

Reed Cowan writer-director of the film 8: The Morman Propo$ition, along with Dustin Lance Black  (Oscar-winning screenwriter for Milk) and Charles Robbins (Executive Director of The Trevor Project) on a documentary-style film. on the recent rash of Anti-gay bullying.

Via Greg In Hollywood:

“It’s going to be made for television on this recent rash of suicides and trying to get this talked about,” he said. “This was the official meeting and now we’re going to start pitching it to networks. It will be documentary style.”

Cowan offered these details: “The film will start out inside the call center of The Trevor Project which gets some 30,000 crisis phone calls a year. So the film will start out there and we will profile some of the young people who called in crisis. Whether they called with a bottle of pills in their hands, a gun to their head, a noose in one hand ready to put it around their necks. We are going to give that pain a voice, we’re going to turn it into some purpose because this is a teachable moment in our world.”

Cowan ssays that the film has no working title yet but he will be the director and that they will do their best to get the documentary out quickly as they can.

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