Ohio’s Citizens For Community Values Uses Lies and Trans Panic In An Attempt To Defeat Bowling Green, OH

I have warned people so many times about just how dangerous that Cincinnati’s Citizens For Community Values which in reality is the Midwest arm of Focus on the Family and Tony Perkin’s Family Research Council really are,  and the damage that they do. 

Now, the CCV is once again  using lies and “trans panic” in an attempt to get voters to go to the polls on November 2nd and repeal Bowling Green’s Ohio Ordinances 7905 and 7906, expanding non-discrimination protections  include: gender, gender expression, gender identity, sexual orientation, and HIV status among other characteristics. The Unlawful Discrimination Ordinance extends protection in employment, public accommodation and access to public education. The amended Fair Housing Ordinance adds the new classes to existing City law and was passed by Bowling Green City Council in 2009 which the CCV helped get petitioned to be on the ballot this November to be repealed.

As part of the lies that the CCV is using to get people to the Polls to vote no on Ordinances 7905 and 7906 they are using the disguting “trans panic bathroom senario” which is spelled out in this email sent by the CCV President Phil Burress (above pictured left)  that’s being sent to members using trans fear to raise money for this hateful organization..  (Continued after the jump…)

Dear Friends,

Our friends in Bowling Green, Ohio, need our prayers and support. Homosexual activists are once again wanting SPECIAL RIGHTS, but what the Bowling Green City Council did is far beyond anything else I have seen in Ohio and could be coming to your city next.

Here is an example of what could happen:

You and your young daughter, planning for her first day of school, go to the mall to look for clothes. While there, your daughter leaves you to go to the restroom. After just a few moments, she comes back with a frightened look on her face and wants to leave quickly. It is obvious she is very distressed. As a concerned parent, you try to comfort your child, seeking to calm her distress while trying to learn its cause.

Once you leave, as she settles down, you begin to ask questions.

“What happened? Did someone try to grab you?”

“No,” is her reply.

“Did you see something wrong?”  There is a long pause. Finally you ask, “Sweetheart, what is it that made you upset and not want to go back?”

You are caught speechless and bewildered by her reply:

“Mama, there were men in the girls bathroom wearing dresses!”

This is a conversation that parents might have to have with their children in Bowling Green in the near future. When the Bowling Green City Council passed ordinances 7905 and 7906, they created the environment that will make this scenario real in our places of public accommodation.

Imagine having to explain to your young, impressionable child that she has to accept having this situation be a normal part of being in Bowling Green.

Imagine having to continually wonder if your child may be entering a public restroom where an adult of the opposite sex may be inside, all because our elected officials want those with gender identity confusion to feel comfortable using the public restrooms of their preferred gender.

If special interest groups get their way, you won’t have to imagine it; you will have to live it.

Citizens of Bowling Green will have to face investigations and penalties for failure to comply with the ordinances, whether it be in providing public accommodations, hiring, or rental of property.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Concerned citizens of Bowling Green came together and petitioned to have these ordinances put to a public referendum. They agreed and signed the petitions to allow the referendum to move forward.

Now we have to make sure we educate and encourage Bowling Green voters to come to the polls on November 2nd and vote “NO” on Ordinances 7905 and 7906.

It is vital that we are able to educate the voters of Bowling Green on the dangers of having these ordinances go into law, and to encourage and secure enough voters so that these ordinances can be overturned.

We can be successful in defeating these ordinances if you are willing to join us in this effort.

A majority “NO” vote on November 2nd will cancel these ordinances and send a strong message to the Bowling Green City Council that their community does not want to have outside special interests from New York attempting to frame their laws so that they can move their homosexual agenda forward.

Your involvement and support will be the key to success. Will you please consider making a contribution to our effort of $25, $50, or even $100 or more to help them make sure that their children will not have to face the scenario described in the opening of this letter?

You can send your tax deductible gift to Citizens for Community Values, ——————.. Let’s help make Bowling Green a better place to live, work and raise a family. Will you stand with us for Equal Rights, Not Special Rights, for all of Bowling Green’s citizens?


Phil Burress
Citizens for Community Values

This is NOT a “bathroom bill” and Buress’s letter is nothing more than blatant fear-mongering to defeat Ordinances 7905 and 7906 and raise some quick “hate cash” . Personally, I don’t spend time checking out other people’s private parts in public restrooms. Unless they are cute guys.  What REALLY creeps me out is when fathers bring their young daughters into Men’s restrooms because they are afraid to leave them outside  Now thats CREEPY.

The scary bathroom trick is the same one that was used in the 1930s to warn against “Bolsheviks breeding in your washroom.” Opponents of the Equal Rights Amendment trotted out the old saw again in 1970s, warning that equal rights would lead to men and women sharing public bathrooms.  

Christomaniacs like the CCV point to the potential danger of crossdressed and/or trans women predators in public restrooms, and yet the folks who purport that anti-trans Bathroom scare can’t point to any examples of trans people ever being involved in anything like that and have to use some false scenario’s/ 

Well lets use some REAL scenario’s to why maybe Phil Buress, Tony Perkin’s The CCV, and Christomaniacs of his ilk should not be able to use public restrooms.

The Los Angeles Times had a story yesterday (November 2, 2009) entitled Clerk at religious bookstore arrested on peeping charge

A clerk at a Christian bookstore in Simi Valley was arrested on suspicion of peeping after Simi Valley police found a video camera hidden in a bathroom at the store, authorities said today.

Officers were called to the Family Christian Book Store in the 2900 block of Cochran Street on Sunday afternoon after a 40-year-old woman and her husband reported finding the video camera, said Simi Valley Police Sgt. Dwight Thompson.   After examining the video, investigators determined that 28-year-old Joseph Moreaux had gone to the restroom just before the victim to hide the camera and record her while she was inside…

And, this isn’t a particularly new story when it comes to piety. Remember October 20th’s Protect Us From The Male, CVS Managers Who Support Keeping Trans Women Out Of Women’s Restrooms?

The CVS Pharmacy manager who allegedly admitted Friday to filming women in his store’s bathroom was an active participant in the 2008 charter amendment to “keep men out of women’s restrooms.”

Jonathan Matheny, 27, was charged with one count of video voyeurism after a customer told police she had discovered a cell phone equipped with a camera under a pile of tissues in the CVS bathroom at 125 S.W. 34th St.

If you want to talk about predatory behavior lets talk about the Christomaniacs.  The ones who like and fear monger against the LGBT Community and our trans brothers and sisters.

People of Bowling Green   DO NOT FALL FOR THESE LIES. VOTES YES ON ORDINANCES 7905 and 7906.  And send a message to the CCV that fear mongering and anti LGBT hate is WRONG

And people of Ohio and the Midwest do not trust or support the Citizens for Community Values.  They are evil and perverted Christians who will do their best to spread hatred and homophobia for fun and profit.  Do not trust them and most of all  not discount them or take them lightly.  They are dangerous and need to be stopped.

What do you think?

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