Lesbian Coupled Kicked Out Of Raleigh, North Carolina’s Cameron Village Shopping Center For Doing What Couples Do.

Catlin Breedlove (pictured left) and her female partner were doing what most couples do when they visit Raleigh’s Cameron Village Shopping Center.  They window shopped, had some lunch and then sat on a bench and talked with their arms around each other and at one point kissed each other on the cheek.  But that was too much for York Security who patrols the Mall.  Both Catlin and her partner were immediate;y approached by a female security guard and were told to leave the shopping center not only by the security guard but by the guards supervisor as well.

When Catlin, who happens to be co-director of the minority activist group Southerners on New Ground,

asked, ‘Would that be the same if it was a man or a woman?’ Because we see a lot of men and women walking around, holding hands being affectionate and she said, ‘No. It’s because you’re same sex, and it’s not appropriate.'”

Catlin has contacted the media, the ACLU, and is planning a peaceful protest this weekend. 

Looks like York Security fucked with the wrong lesbian.

Go get em’ Catlin!

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