The Ku Klux Klan Plans March At Augusta State University To Support Anti-Gay Christian Student Jennifer Keeton

The Ku Klux Klan have decided to stage a rally in honor of Jennifer Keeton, the former Augusta State University counseling student who sued for not being able to tell potential patients that homosexuality’s an “identity disorder.” because of her “christian” beliefs.

Bobby (Lee “I married my sister”) Spurlock, The Imperial Wizard of the KKK’s North and South Carolina branches.   Spurlock believes the Georgia-based school violated her First Amendment rights. “It’s your constitutional right, so how could you tell someone you have to do something completely different?”

Truly disgusting and disturbing.  The other day I made a remark “Welcome back to 1965” on another story.  It looks like I might be right.

The Klans “action” is scheduled for October 23 at Agusta State University.  (You’ll know the closet case Klansmen because their whites will be oh so bright.)

What do you think?

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