Gay 19 Year Old Zach Harrington of Norman, Oklahoma Commits Suicide One Week After Hateful Anti-Gay Exchanges At City Council Meeting.

Last night while the gay elite fell over each other fawning over celebrities and listening to Valerie Jarrett of the White House administration who kept spinning the bullshit that we have been hearing for the past two years.  And having the nerve to to talk about the 5 dead teenagers who committed suicide mostly because of the lack of movement on LGBT inclusive rights and the hateful environment that the stall has been able to cause in the  “christian” community.   The very sad and devastating  news was released of another fallen young gay brother.  Zach Harrington, a 19-year-old gay aspiring musician in Norman, Oklahoma had committed suicide.

On Sept. 28 Zach attended a City Council meeting in Norman where the council acknowledged receipt of a proclamation recognizing October as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender History for the next THREE HOURS he sat there and listed to hateful bigoted garbage spew out his neighbors mouths.  People he had known for years.  One man said he moved to Norman because he thought it was the kind of place that would never accept the GLBT community with open arms. A woman, who described herself as “bi-racial,” said she was tired of the GLBT plight being compared to Civil Rights. Some opposed the proclamation claimed that members of the GLBT community would use it to infiltrate the public school system, essentially allowing the “gay lifestyle” to become a part of the curriculum. while others claimed that council recognizing October as GLBT History Month was a waste of their time. Some members of the audience even suggested that any council members voting in favor of the proclamation may have trouble getting reelected.  Others claimed it was “The bible” using those same old quotes which led them to such a place as to stand against it.

Nikki Harrington, Zach’s older sister, said her brother likely took all of the negative things said about members of the GLBT community straight to heart. “When he was sitting there, I’m sure he was internalizing everything and analyzing everything … that’s the kind of person he was,” she said. “I’m sure he took it personally. Everything that was said.”

Zach’s father, Van, said he wasn’t sure why his son went to the meeting, especially after his experiences in Norman once he revealed that he was gay as a teenager.  “He feared for his safety on many occasions at (Norman North), and other people like him,” Van said. “Even though he was 6-4, he was passive and I’m sure being gay in that environment didn’t help.”

Can we pin Zach’s suicide on a single city council meeting?  Probably not.  But it probably helped push him over the edge.. Here was a young man who already be facing some serious internal demons to contemplate suicide. But certainly hearing from members of your own community, your own neighborhood saying  that they think you are disgusting for the way you were born

I’m so sorry Zach.Because it’s not only the hateful people of Norman  and the Christian maniacs who hurt you.  but its also us for not DEMANDING our Respect, Acceptance, and Rights and listening to a bunch of Washington Gay Corporate hacks who only care about money, parties and job security.

The blood is also on your hands HRC.

Rest in Peace Little Brother Zach. 

I’m sorry.  Rest In Peace

2 thoughts on “Gay 19 Year Old Zach Harrington of Norman, Oklahoma Commits Suicide One Week After Hateful Anti-Gay Exchanges At City Council Meeting.

  1. You're blaming HRC and the Obama Administration for this? You're surprisingly stupid. Blame the right-wing power machines that block LGBT legislation and fund multi-million dollar ad campaigns.

  2. Actually I am blaming EVERYONE for this.

    Speaking oif being surprisingly stupid perhaps you missed "not only the hateful people of Norman and the Christian maniacs who hurt you" in the post above.

    But as long as the HRC is more content on being passive and throwing galas and kissing the DNC's asses. Anmd as long as the Obama Administration does not think that EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL AMERICANS is an important enough topic to take a stand on and actually ficking do something then yes. I blame them also.

    Because as long as these kids live in a society that demonizes who they are with the blessing of our Goverment. Then the Goverment has blood on its hands also.

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