Carrie Prejean Signed For Next Season’s "Survivor"?

Andy Dehmart over at Reality blurred is reporting that Carrie “I Touch Myself” Prejean has reportedly been cast on Season 22 od “Survivor” called Redemption Island.

Andy reports this according to a report at Survivor Sucks by missyae, also supposedly returning will be a Boston Rob and Russell Hanz once again. 

Stunt casting is increasingly part of Survivor for some reason.  perhaps one day they’ll figure out that they really don’t need it enough to justify casting a homophobic ex-beauty queen to get rating.  I mean c’mon wasn’t Shannon Elkins homophobia this season enough.  Not to mention the possible closeting of two of this seasons current contestants

If it’s true sucky casting of Prejean  on Survivor 22

This Tribe has spoken

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