Brian Brown and the National Organization for Marriage Go To Buffalo NY Federal Court Today To Attempt To Get The Right Slander Andrew Cuomo

Brian Brown and the National Organization for Marriage are preparing to go to a federal court in Buffalo today, to convince a judge that it should be able to run ads in the state’s gubernatorial campaign without being  registered as a PAC so NOM and Brian can throw his ample weight behind Carl Paladino while not giving up the names of its donors  NOM calls that requirement a violation of free speech rights and has asked a federal judge in Buffalo to declare a section of state Election Law unconstitutional. Some of the ads would support Paladino — a vocal opponent of gay marriage — while criticizing Cuomo, a gay rights supporter, according to papers filed in court by the National Organization for Marriage.  (SOME?)

“NOM does not want to abide by [the state’s] rules. The fact that all other political committees must follow them is no concern to NOM,” countered Craig R. Bucki, an attorney representing two state Elections Board officials. “NOM, quite simply, seeks to gain preferential status to support and oppose candidates for public office without disclosing from whom it obtains and how it spends money.”

Hey Brian.  Do have a Gayer face than that you gay hating, LGBT Teen Murdering fat fuck?  (Sorry I just can’t help it.  5 minutes in a locked room is all I want.  And probably 4 minutes longer than I would need.)

What do you think?

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