AUDIO: Sharron Angle Prays Against Gays, Medicare, Abortion, Divorce, and Social Programs All In One Paragraph. What A BITCH!

“I confess that we are a nation who has killed our children. I confess that we are a nation who has walked away from the family and allowed divorce even among our ranks. We have walked away from the biblical definition of marriage; one man, one woman, the two become one flesh,” Angle said. “We as a nation have been walking away from our constitutional freedom and relying on government instead to take care of the widow and the orphan…we’re saying ‘well, the government we have all these programs now, aid for families with dependent children and medicare and social security.”

“Angle She Devil of the Nazi’s” went on to PRAY that it should be the duty of the people, not the government, to “care for the least among you.”

Now I’ve always thought that the Goverment was “of the people,  for the people, and by the people”? 

I’d also like to know the last time this lunatic bitch actually volunteered at a soup kitchen and donated anything to anyone othert than herself.

What do you think?

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