What’s "Too Gay" Today? – Rafael Nadel Rules The World!, Lifetime Network De-Gays Movie, Fried Beer?, George Michael Gets 8 Weeks, Ryan Buell is Bi!, and the $178 Dollar Cheese Sandwich!

* Last night, Lifetime cable channel presented thei television adaptaion of The 19th Wife that tells the story of a man, Jordan, who has been excommunicated from the Mormon Church, and his efforts to help his mother, a member of a polygamous sect who has been accused of killing her husband.  The problem is that in the book the character of Jordan was ex-communicated because he was gay.  A crucial part of the storyline that Lifetime changed by making the character of Jordan straight.  Author David Ebershoff states:   “A few weeks before filming began I learned that Jordan had been rewritten as straight. I was told that this was a network decision. Obviously I was offended, disappointed, and baffled. I hope that the movie sends people to the book so that they can meet my Jordan, along with his boyfriend, Tom, and their dogs, Elektra and Joey.”  Mindboggeling.  Lifetime does know that it airs Project Runway and besides that many gay men watch their channel right?  Idiots.

Rafael Nadal wins U.S. Open, rules the tennis universe.  All fall on your knees before Rafeal!  Is that a problem for anyone?  (Nice butt Rafael!)

A Texas named Mark Zable has invented FRIED BEER!  Homer Simpson will be SO stoked!

*  George Michael was sentenced to eight weeks in prison for driving while under the influence of drugs.. He’ll spend four weeks in jail, and four on parole.  I bet he’ll hate to leave jail.  Such a large “dating” pool for him.

*  A&E’s Paranormal State host Ryan Buell comes out as bisexual in his new book!  Hmmm, welcome Ryan could you please now communicate and  bring back cutie Sergey Poberezhny

Sourdough bread, white truffle cheese, 100-year-old balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, cheese, quail’s egg, heirloom black tomato, epicure apple, and dried figs sandwich,  $178 dollars created by Brit celebrity chef Martin Blunos .  100 year old vending machine cheese sandwich at the office. $2.50.  Do the math!

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