Serbia Planning To Hold It’s First Gay Pride Parade In Over A Decade

The country of Serbia, which borders Hungary to the north; Romania and Bulgaria to the east is planning to hold it’s first gay pride march in nearly a decade next month — after the one last year was canceled amid threats of violence by extremists.

Serbia. Extremists broke up the Balkan nation’s first gay pride march in 2001 and beat up several participants. No gay pride marches have been held since then.

Last year, another prade was planned despite anti-gay graffiti all over Belgrade warning gays to stay away, police said they would protect marchers, but the Serbian Goverment cancelled the prade at the last minute due to the extremely violent nature of the threats that had been wielded against marchers stating the  risk of excessive attacks on the rally is too great for police to guarantee safety for everyone involved

This year Serbia is ready to try again.

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