Over 5000 Sheeple Show Up To Pray And Fast With Anti-Gay, Anti-Abortion, Hate Monger Lou Engle In Sacramento, CA

Over 1000 bible thuimping lunatics gathered for Day 2 of Lou Engle’s ( a radically anti-gay and anti-abortion evangelical “TheCall” Rally at the Sacramento Statehouse today. Two large banners on either side of the stage read “ONLY ONE HOPE: JESUS.”  And prayers are being said  in favor of “pro-life” or “traditional marriage.


Depending on the speaker, the message varies: pornography, sex-trafficking, abortion, homosexuality, bisexuality, and a  a dash of “gender confusion” rhetoric thrown in for good measure.

Cindy Jacobs even asked the women in the audience to get on their knees and repent “girl on girl kissing  lesbianism is a plague.” “Madonna kissed Britney … and look what happened. God, we ask you to forgive us as women for bisexuality, lesbianism and pornography,” another woman prayed. “We repent for opening up church doors to homosexuality.”

Fucking nuts.

Oh, and while Engle asked the crowd to fast for the next 12 hours.  The volunters ate “Little Cesars” of course…..of course. (Watch out for the Kool-Aid anyone kids)

*Check out The Prop 8 Tour Tracer for more details!

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