NFL Hall of Famer Dan Hampton Makes Anti-Gay "Brokeback Mountain" And Also Jokes About Hurricane Katrina On Air

\Someone needs to shove a dirty jockstrap into NFL Hall of Famer Dan Hampton’s mouth to shut him up.

Twice this week blow hard Dan Hampton has made two very serious on air comment during Pro Football Weekly.  One of which was anti-gay and one referencing Hurricane Katrina.  (So far Hampton has ONLY apologized about the Katrina remark.)

The Hurricane Katrina remark had to do with the Vikings meeting up with the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints   Said Hampton: (The Vikings need to)  “go down there and hit that town like Katrina.”

Then later in the show when talking about the Dallas Cowboys, Hampton said “The Cowboys think they are Clint Eastwood; they’re more of the Brokeback variety if you know what I’m talking about.” Hampton wasn’t actually saying the Cowboys players are gay, but by making this comment, Hampton telegraphed to his audience that gay men are not good enough,  Every day, millions of kids across this country are harassed, bullied and beaten because of attitudes like this. Hampton should not be using his platform to encourage homophobia no matter how stupid Dan Henson is.

What do you think?

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