National Organization for Marriage Files Lawsuit In Florida Seeking To Have Political Campaign Finance Disclosure Laws Ruled Unconstitutional – NOM Now Has Lawsuits Filed In Rhode Island. Maine, New York, California. and Florida

One week after National Organization for Marriage filed suit in Rhode Island seeking to have their disclosure laws ruled unconstitutional, NOM has now filed a similar suit in Florida.  These last two  filings comes directly after NOM lost the same lawsuit in federal court in Minnesota.  This brings NOMS current radical nationwide efforts to dismantle state laws that provide transparency up to five states.  Rhode Island. Maine, New York, California. and Florida. 

In its federal complaint in Florida, NOM says it intends to spend more than $5,000 in Florida to publish ads on radio, television, by direct mail and on the Internet against candidates for the Florida Legislature who it believes support same-sex marriage legislation.

NOM does not wish to reveal the candidates’ names in this complaint, because it does not wish to divulge its strategy at this early date,” the complaint states.It says it fears that without court intervention, the Florida Secretary of State will use the state’s campaign law to stymie its efforts.

“The weight of these burdens [registering with the state, record keeping, and reporting under the Florida campaign law] is such that the speech would simply not be worth it for NOM,” the complaint states. “NOM does not want to bear these political-committee burdens that Florida imposes under the electioneering-communications-organization label.”

This recent suit comes one week after National Organization for Marriage v. John Daluz – was filed in U.S. District Court in Rhode Island on September 21.  Daluz is the named defendant in his official capacity as Vice Chairman of the state board of elections.

NOM is working very hard to hide something it seems.  I just wish we could get some solid proof that would hand these bastards once and for all/

NOM’s lead counsel is Horatio Mihet with Liberty Counsel in Orlando.  (Of course)

Personal Thought
*  It makes me wonder why we the Lesbian & Gay Community aren’t filing suits left and right over the unconstitutionality of DADT and DOMA. Especially after our recent wins.

What do you think?

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