Montana’s Big Sky Tea Party President Tim Ravndal REMOVED After Facebook Messages Condoning Violence And Hate Towards Gays Go National

Last week I did a few stories on Montana’s Big Sky Tea Party President Tim Ravndal and the disgusting and hateful messages that he put forth condoning violence against gays and lesbians.

Ravndal supported a commenter who, in reference to the Matthew Shepard murder said, “I think fruits are decorative. Hang up where they can be seen and appreciated. Call Wyoming for display instructions.” Ravndal’s answer: “Where can I get that Wyoming printed instruction manual?”

Today according to the Helena Independent Record, Ravndal has been removed as the Big SkyTea Party President

Tim Ravndal was removed as president of the local chapter Sunday after the group’s board of directors learned of his volatile post on the online social networking site, according to Roger Nummerdor, the former president and a current board member of the group. Nummerdor also said Ravndal is no longer welcome in the party.
“He’s out,” he said.

“We are extremely disappointed by Mr. Ravndal’s commentary,” wrote Walker, who could not be reached for this story. “The discussion in that Facebook conversation is entirely outside the position of the Big Sky Tea Party. Even though Mr. Ravndal was having a personal conversation and made no reference to our group.  (Once again I will interject here that when a Facebook account is set to Open and all you do is preach Tea Party positions and politics on it it is NOT PERSONAL)

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Ravndal ha said that he never made the connection of his comments to the murder of Matt Shepard and that it was unrelated “I wasn’t even thinking about the tragedy that happened in Wyoming,” Ravndal told The Great Falls Tribune. “I made a mistake and I apologize to anyone I offended. I do not condone violence to any human being.”

Nummerdor said the comments were unfortunate, and that he hoped they don’t reflect on the Big Sky Tea Party Association  “We try to keep ourselves on task and only do a very limited mission statement.” (Which could be why every wacko and look in the United States joins the Tea Party, there is no real overall platform) 

Nummerdor further in the article implies a “conspiracy theory” that because Ravndal’s comment was made on July 23, before he was appointed party president, that someone had found it and held it to use as ammunition against the party. “I’m quite sure people were sitting on those to make a statement, and it’s quite unfortunate,” he said. “It’s going to probably adversely affect us some. 

Well considering you called an “emergency meeting” a week after this all became public, and the fact that Tim Ravndal looks like a walking poster child for “Don’t Let Your Daughter Marry A Redneck”  I hope it hurts you a lot.

BUT WAIT!  It gets even more insane!  See the next post!

Vice President of Montana’s Big Sky Tea Party and  Republican candidate for the Montana House in District 82  Kristi Allen-Gailushas DECLARES WAR ON GAYS!

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