Montana’s Big Sky Tea Party Leader Tim Ravndal Apologizes For His Homophobic Facebook Hate Quote Condoning Gay Violence After Getting Caught

As posted here yesterday, Montana’s Big Sky Tea Party President, Tim Ravndal who posted on his Facebook page that marriage should be “between a man and a women” and then went on to agree and condone with another commenter’s post for violence against homosexuals referring to the Matthew Sheperd murder and “hanging fruits” has apologized.  (See the screenshot from the Facebook page which has since been removed by CLICKING HERE.)

The Facebook exchange goes like this:

Tim Ravndal: “Marriage is between a man and a woman period! By giving rights to those otherwise would be a violation of the constitution and my own rights”
Keith Baker: “How dare you exercise your First Amendment Rights?”

Dennis Scranton: “I think fruits are decorative. Hang up where they can be seen and appreciated. Call Wyoming for display instructions.”

Tim Ravndal: “@Kieth, OOPS I forgot this aint(sic) America no more! @ Dennis, Where can I get that Wyoming printed instruction manual?”

Dennis Scranton: “Should be able to get info Gazette archives. Maybe even an illustration. Go back a bit over ten years.”

 Ravndal apologized for the post, saying he “never made the connection” to Shepard’s murder until after national bloggers picked up on it and his phone started ringing earlier this week. “I wasn’t even thinking about the tragedy that happened in Wyoming,” Ravndal said. “I made a mistake and I apologize to anyone I offended. I do not condone violence to any human being.” Ravndal also said his Facebook page is personal, and has nothing to do with the Big Sky Tea Party Association

Know what Tim?  I’m calling BULLSHIT and I am also calling you a LIAR!

First off right before you issued your apology you posted this on your Facebook page ranting against “Political Correctness” kind of proving its all lip service.

Secondly I might, just MIGHT believe that you didn’t make the connection to the Matthew Shepard murder mostly because you probably have the IQ of a watermelon.  But I cannot believe that you did not see the violent connotation of “hanging fruit” and then you asked for a manual on how to do it. YOU are not that stupid and WE are not that stupid.
As for your Facebook page being “personal”.  It’s NOT personal when you use it to preach to others in your group and you have it set to “open” status. 
You sir, are nothing more than a hateful, homophobic, moron.  Pure and simple and typify everything that the Tea Party stands for.
So in other words Timmy….. 

What do you think?

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