Homophobic Good Ole Boy "Survivor" Shannon Elkins Voted Off Survivor Nicaragua Last Night

Last night on Survivor a homophobic verbal rant by contestant Shannon Elkin of Layette, LA not only surprised the castaways on Survivor but the audience himself when he came out with the statement ” Hey, I’m gonna get this out of the way right now. Are you gay?”— during a heated Tribal Council when he tried to deflect criticism off himself and then followed that with  “New York is filled with a bunch of gay people”?

The one person who wasn’t surprised was Jeff Probst : I for one was not surprised by Shannon’s slurs. During our first conversation in Nicaragua, he casually said, “My boys can call me a fag [but] I know I’m straight.”  (He also used a gay slur in an interview with a reporter before the game, so this was by no means an isolated incident)

Well on top of everything Shannon’s gay comments that sealed his second grade education fate and they sent the good ole, gator fucking redneck, bigoted homophobe , good ole boy a packing!

What do you think?

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