Homo Say What? – Liberty Council Idiot "Fat" Matt Barber: ""Madame Gen. Gaga’s dirty diva’s foul-mouthed lips."

We haven’t haerd from Liberty Council  “Fat” Matt Barber associate dean at Liberty University School of Law  and spokesdopuiche for The Liberty Council, so lets check in with “Fat Matt” and see what he had to ay recently about Lady Gaga and DADT.

“Madame Gen. Gaga summed up the trio’s battle plan rather succinctly at a recent homosexualist rally for repeal: ‘Our new law is called ‘If you don’t like it, go home!” she observed. Those 12 words are perhaps the most perceptive ever to grace the dirty diva’s foul-mouthed lips.

“In fact, according to a 2008 Military Times poll, Gaga’s got it right. When asked the question ‘If the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy is overturned and gays are allowed to serve openly, how would you respond?’ almost 10 percent of active-duty personnel replied: ‘I would not re-enlist or extend my service.’ Another 14 percent warned: ‘I would consider not re-enlisting or extending my service.’

“Of course, the potential exodus of up to 24 percent of current military personnel from our all-volunteer services would be devastating to national security. But when those holding the reins of government function from an egalitarian, globalist, Euro-socialist worldview, we shouldn’t be surprised that national security takes a backseat to political correctness.”

PSSST…Matt….The “homosexualists” are already in the military and have been “homosexualizing” in it since Alexander The Great,


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