The DNC Has A New Webpage Drops Gay Marriage And DOMA Repeal And Now Promises "Civil Unions"

The Democratic National Comittee has unvieled a nifty new webpage and as John Aravosis of AmericaBlogGay has pointed out they have dropped all mention of Obama’s DOMA Repeal, doesn’t even mention gay marriage. gets all sleazy about the DADT repeal and to top it all off.  Travels back to 1990 and NOW promises FULL CIVIL UNIONS and federal rights for LGBT couples”

“Full civil unions” as opposed to what?  partial civil unions?    We are way beyond accepting “separate but equal,” DNC.  And DADT was just declared unconstitutional. So shall we follow the Constitution in a “sensible way”, or shall we just follow it?

Hey DNC!  You think the Tea Party is giving you a problem?  Keep this shit up and just wait and see what a REAL problem is!

CONTACT the DNC by CLICKING HERE and let them know how you feel about the “NEW” promises.

What do you think?

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