DADT Discharged Major Mike Almy Vs. "LYING" Senator John McCain on The Rachel Maddow Show (Video)

Major Mike Almy, who was serving in Iraq was kicked out of the military after the government snooped into his private email for the specific fact to see if he was gay.  Yesterday Grandpa Munster BLATANTLY lied to reporters and had a mini-meltdown during an interview, repeating the same phrase over and over denying that it didn’t happen that way. (It ‘s also VERYcreepy watching McCain melt down like that. Kind makes you wonder what kind of president he would have been. *Shudder!*

Rachel Maddow had Major Mile Almy on her show last night.  And like Almy, I want to see McCain climb up on his step ladder and look into Almy’s eyes and tell him that that doesn’t happen

*Oh and Megan McCain.  I personally think that you are full of shit now.  Because regardless of the fact that he’s your father, how could you “love him” as you say after all thats he’s done.

What do you think?

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