Charles Carter and The Lot Project of Phoenix AZ Post Vile And Disgusting YouTube Video And Messages In Response To Dan Savage’s "It Get’s Better" Project And About The Suicide of Teenager Billy Lucas

In what has to be one of the most disgusting and vile things done by “Christians” as of yet,  Charles Carter and The Lot Project (also Bethlehem Fellowship) of Phoneix, AZ  have posted a YouTube video in which they not only attack the good that  journalist Dan Savage is trying to do with the “It Gets Better” project to stop LGBT suicide.  The Lot project has sunk to a new low and  like The Westboro Baptist Church did with Matthew Shepard they attack the memory of 15 year old suicide victim Billy Lucas among other things say that he is in hell for being gay.

“Billy Lucus, who hanged himself, obviously because he was gay, and unable to endure the guilt that the words of others prompted in him. This was indeed a tragedy, but not anywhere near the tragedy that Billy will discover in eternity when he faces the wrath of God upon rebellious and unrepentant sinners. Then, he will realize that his sin could not be atoned for by his own death, and he will realize that people like Dan Savage who encourage sin are deceivers. He will see them for what they are, the blind leading the blind. And he will realize that he has fallen into that ditch that the blind leading the blind inevitably fall into: that’s eternal destruction and misery. Sadly, it’s too late for Billy. For those who are viewing this video, however, their remains the opportunity of turning from sin to the obedience of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.”

(Here is a link to the YouTube Video.  I don’t want to post that piece of garbage here on my site.)

I am so sick, tired and angry at these disgusting so called fucking  “Christians”.  They are EVIL and they need to be stopped.  Pure and simple.  I am not advocating violence.  I am talking about protests, phone calls, and holding them up to public scrutiny and ridicule and calling them out and publicizing them for what they really are.  Insane evil douchebags that hide behind and have perverted religion to mask their own hate. ignorance, and bigotry.

Charles is with Bethlehem Fellowship at the same address in Phoenix so obviously they are behind this.  Bethlehem Fellowship runs the website A picture on the homepage seems to confirm that the man in the video in indeed Charles. is also registered to Charles Carter

Oh and Bethlehem Fellowship encourages that you contact them.  So please do

UPDATE: 10/15/10 – The Lot Project Website has been removed due to “Hate Speech”

8 thoughts on “Charles Carter and The Lot Project of Phoenix AZ Post Vile And Disgusting YouTube Video And Messages In Response To Dan Savage’s "It Get’s Better" Project And About The Suicide of Teenager Billy Lucas

  1. what is the name, addrsss and phone number of the person who produces this blog? Won't disclose it? Why not???

  2. If you are going to spew such hatred as poor dead children in hell wrapped up in your perverted interptation of the bible and christianity then you should not make your information searchable and private.

    Have you no decency?

    The information thats posted above was found as public information. You shopuld also be advised of the fact that others found it before me and it ios posted many places on the internet.

    But I am a fair man and I will remove it. People can esily find it for themselves Charles.

    Personally I think you are a disgusting human being. And aboout as Christian as Hitler.

    I only wish I was within a 50 mile radius of Phoenix or could afford to go down there for th weekend to debate you. It would be an honor to decimate your crazy beliefs.

    And I know I'll be wasting my breath with this. But if you believe that gays are going to hell then you should also believe that everyone is going to hell.

    Even if homosexuality was considered a sin, there are a lot of other things in the Bible that are considered to be sins as well. The reason people proclaim to be a Christian is because they acknowledge they've sinned and they need help in order to be a better person. Thus, all Christians are unrighteous people, because all Christians commit sins even if they don't commit homosexuality. So according to 1 Corinthians 6:8-10 the unrighteous cann't enter heaven. Then all Christians are unrighteous people and unrighteous people can't enter into heaven.

    That's where God's grace comes in. Ephesians 2:8-9 says "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith-and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God" No Christian could ever be perfect or sinless, so God's grace makes up for what we lack.

  3. I do so wish you could debate me. Your lack of Biblical knowledge, misuse of scripture and utter inability to properly handle scripture or understand spiritual things would be your downfall.

    An 'unrepentant' sinner is not saved. God's grace will not 'make up for' any sin when you are never born again to begin with. Homosexual offenders will not inherit the kingdom of God because they are not born again (1 Corinthians 6:9)!

    Beside this everything depends, not upon any sinner, but on God's eternal election of whom He will save and preserve unto the end. The reason people believe that they can be Christian and continue on in sinful practice is due to an utter absence of the Holy Spirit to convict them of sin. It is also based on an erroneous gospel message that makes the sinner sovereign.

    At any rate I pray that God will show you the truth and convict you of your sinfulness that you might repent and be saved before it is too late. Do not be decieved, God is not mocked, whatever one sows he will reap. If you, as an unrepentant homosexual sinner, sow to the flesh you will, of the flesh, reap corruption and that eternally (Galatians 6:7)!

    C Carter

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