BUSTED: Homophobe "Survivor" Shannon Elkins Butt Naked! – Elkin Hits The Mainstream Media To Do Damage Contol But Is Busted Posting More Rants At SurvivorSucks.com

Survivor: Nicaragua‘s second castoff Shannon Elkins swears he’s not homophobic and is hitting the press cricut to prove it and try  to do damage control but he seems to be digging his own grave by not only being stupid in the interviews but by also posting in a Survivor Chat Forum called SurvivorSucks.com and continuing his douchebag ways.

In an interview in EW Online Elkins states that asking Sash about his sexuality was all about honesty, not homophobia, and that the beginning of their discussion was edited out of the program. “They kept trying to tell me I wasn’t honest. Sash kept blasting me so finally I’d had enough…I didn’t have to ask him if he’s gay. All of America knows the guy’s gay.” (Actually we don’t Sash himself trumpets his heterosexuality and brags about being a ladies man like a college frat boy.)

Elkens goes on. “I was trying to prove the guy’s a liar. If [Sash is] gonna lie to y’all about who he really is, he’s a liar. He asked me, “When did I lie to you?” and I said, “When you told me you weren’t gay.  Anybody at Tribal can tell you that. I didn’t call him out on his sexuality, I was calling him out on being a liar. If he’s going to lie to you about who he really is, how can you trust him in the game “But being gay, Shannon says, is “not a big deal. I don’t care. You can be whatever you want. I’m not the judge, God is.”  (Which is about the biggest homophobic cop there is.)

So while this iElkins is trying to do damage control with the mainstream media  he is also  posting over over at the SurvivorSucks.com Forum under the handle “rootintootin” and not really helping his cause. (And YES it has been confirmed that it’s him)

Re: SHANNON – Robbed & Betrayed “ARE YOU GAY?” (reply)
I was sick of all the stupid people out there going off on me when sash’s racist ass was forming minority alliances!! If I said I wanted an all white alliance people wud b going apeshit!!!! Instead I call a chump out for being a liar and I get all this …

Re: SHANNON – Robbed & Betrayed “ARE YOU GAY?” (reply)
Hey fellas!! Y’all have to remember I can’t talk about wht was edited out but I was driven to go there with him!! No I’m not a homophobe!! I was proving who was a liar and who wasn’t!!! If I offended anyone oh well shit happens!

Re: “Shnipples” (reply)
Thx everyone for the love!! I’m not leaving sucks!! Not to offend gay people but y’all don’t kno the behind the scenes crap tht drove me there! I can’t talk about it and I’m not the person to make excuses!! Trust me!! Lol anyway didn’t hear what was said …

**You can see the screenshot of some of his messages over at Survivor Sucks after the jump. 

UPDATE:  Reality Blurred Reports that  Fancast asked him (Elkins) a question that he gave an awful response to. Asked if he thought Sash was in the mob, Shannon said, “No, I was concerned that he was gay and I was protecting my butthole.”

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  1. Survivor doesn't seem like a reality show this year. What's up with everyone in underwear, weren't they allowed to pack or wear swimsuits to an island??? Sand & water in someone shoes – things like this seem to be scripted. Give me Amazine Race!!!

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