Andrew Sullivan Calls For HRC President Joe Solmonese To Resign. We Finally Agree On Something – JOE MUST GO!

That blustery, affectatious, ex-republican bear known as Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic is calling for Joe Solmonese, The Human Rights Campaign President to step down if DADT is not repealed within Obama’s first term.  Now I agree with Andrew, but I know that doesn’t shock any regular readers.  But I think Joe Solmonese should not be given two more years (Or as Joe probably thinks of it $700k in salary)  I believe that Joe Solmonese should resign NOW!

Think about, all we’ve heard from Solmonese and the HRC is that their way of doing things works. Lobbying and being in really tight with the lawmakers. Cocktail parties and smoozefests fundraisers. They have a Congress that is  Democratic. They have a  majority in the house and Senate and yet HRC for all their supposed clout in DC couldn’t help get a bill passed, or for that fact energize their good friend Barack to even push it,  that over 85% of the U.S. wants.

That should be the last nail in their coffin and Joe’s pink slip because it truly indicates that within their own field of expertise they have failed and are utterly useless.And lets not forget that, they have opposed every single court case at first (until they win) that has ended up getting us any forward movement to our rights, including the recent Prop 8 ruling and the recent DADT case.

Solmonese needs to be fired.  And HRC if they still want to exist needs a new strategy.  Nothing less will do.

Now repeat after me:   JOE MUST GO!     JOE MUST GO!     JOE MUST GO!    

What do you think?

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