True Blood Season 3 – Gayer Than Ever! – Eric and Talbot’s Gay Vampire Sex Scene (We Have Screencaps!)

WOW this season of True Blood has been the gayest ever!  Full-frontal Eric, Sam’s (almost) wet dream about Bill, super twisted sex, Lesbian Queen of Lousianna and her human lover Hadleigh, The King of Mississipi Russell and Talbot who are the show’s first gay power couple,  Layfette and Jesus and of course we have the  hunky werewolves. (And Sam’s little brother Tommy who is kinda cute in a Breckin Meyer with a bad attitude sort of way)

Last nights episode was no exception as Eric Northam did the deed and then some to Russell’s spoiled V.A.M.P (Vampire American Princess Talbot.)

Now if only Jason and Hoyt could have a “Christ was I drunk last night I don;t remember a thing” straight-boy liason we’d be all set/

You can look at the Screencaps from the sex scene bewteen Eric/Talbot after the jump. (Just click “Read more….” below!)

What do you think?

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