Yesterday The Human Rights Campaign Said It Was Too Hard To Change "TARGETS" Corporate Equality Index. Today They Changed It. – OY GAVALT!

So we all know that before TARGET’s  pro-business/anti-gay political donation came to light.  (The last one, that is.  Not the many before it we only found out AFTER the last one.) We all know that HRC’s Corporate Equality Index had rated TARGET at 100 Percent LGBT Friendly even AFTER 2 weeks of meetings with the  HRC and TARGET refusing to make mathing pro-gay political contribution to offset it negatiove one “to make it right.

Yesterday Michelangelo Signorile talked to HRC spokesidiot Fred Sainz about why HRC has not changed it’s Corporate Equality Index score for the company. Nor why HRC was traking a non-position position on a  boycott of the retailer.

Signorile: HRC does tell people to shop at equality-friendly businesses, even has an app that is devoted to that.
Sainz: That is true.
Signorile: Okay, so the equality-friendly businesses are those that score high on the Corporate Equality Index.
Sainz: That is true…
Signorile: So right now, at this moment, Target still has a 100, and that means that’s a good place to shop.

Sainz igoes on to say that The HRC doesn’t want to make a “knee jerk” reaction to Target’s political donations. Typical HRC.  Stupid because  it’s VERY difficult to see how responding to the corporation’s $150,000 donation to a PAC that’s seeking to elect an anti-gay candidate by at least deleting the relevant 15 points from the CEI score is a rash decision and that it’s just too complicated to change the Index right now.  (And probably because HRC won’t do anything until they’ve evaluated how it affects their bottom line and, especially, Miss Joe’s salary.)

Well cut to today and 24 hours after alot of pissed off LGBT’ers have called HRC out for beiung the shittiest Gay Rights Org in the Universe and VIOLA!  HRC issues the following response in which they state that both Target and Best Buy will be removed from their list. 

Now HRC was that so fucking hard?

** Read HRC’s  “squirmy response” about removing Target and Best Buy from the Index after the jump

The recent political contributions by Target and Best Buy are cause for reflection on the criteria used for future editions of the Corporate Equality Index (CEI). While considering all of this, it’s important to keep in mind that the CEI has made a tremendous impact in the real lives of LGBT people in large part because it has been a predictable and transparent roadmap for companies to institute fair workplace policies. Instead of making capricious decisions about scoring criteria, we believe that a responsible consideration of all of the facts is the smartest way to move forward.

Already complicated, the Citizens United decision has made campaign finance issues even more complex. HRC is thoughtfully studying the many ramifications of political giving by companies in this new reality. The CEI, upon which the Buyer’s Guide is based, was completed in June 2009. Under that set of criteria, both Target and Best Buy scored 100 percent. The Buyer’s Guide available on our website was released in November 2009 and is representative of the information known to us at the time. Because we understand the impact of leaving Target and Best Buy on the various products associated with the Buyer’s Guide, both companies will soon be removed from it. HRC will not encourage people to shop at either store and believes that consumers should make their own decisions after careful consideration of all of the information available to them.

What do you think?

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