White Tea Party Federal Worker At Glenn Beck Rally: "It’s The Homosexuals Who Are Holding Me Down" (Video)

One of Al Sharpton’s Civil Rights Rally participants had a heated converstion with a white FEDERAL WORKER Tea Party Member from Glenn Becks “Restoring Honor, I Have A Scheme” Rally yesterday (Federal Worker?  Tea Party member?  These loons sure do have integrity don;t they!) 

During the discussion the Federl Worker Tea Party member in the green shirt with the perky manboobs states that because of The homosexusla’ he can’t move up.

Heres a news flash asshole you don’t get promoted if your not smart and work hard.  Even in Federal Goverment jobs.

Geesh, “I can’t move up because gays are allowed to have jobs”  Is this in the running for shittiest most idiotic homophobic argument of the year or what?

What do you think?

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