What’s "Too Gay" Today? – Cristiano Ronaldo Penis Report, Alexander Skarsgard Thinks Gay Vampire Sex Is Fun. Levi Johnson Mayor?, Careful This Drag Queen BITES!, And The REAL Polygamist Mormon Housewives Of Utah!

Jasmine Lennard (UK reality show whore and wanna be actress) says she played more than soccer with Cristiano Ronaldo and I quote: “Soon after entering the bedroom, I did indeed catch sight of the REAL Ronaldo. Now, while a lot of women appreciate a well-endowed man, this was just ­RIDICULOUS…intimidatingly so. “Oh for God’s sake”, I thought, “let’s get this over with”, ­although I wondered how long that would take?”  (Too bad it goes on to say that it didn;t take that long.)

*  Will DC’s Metro Weekly have to shut down due to a  lawsuit slapped agant the owner Jansi LLC that is is asking for over $1 million dollars?   (Oh that HOT redhead on the cover is Jake Nodar of  The Discovery Channel’s “Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment.”  Thats one long….. fox.    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrwl)

*  The Learning Channel is going to hop on Bravo’s bandwagon and on September 26th premiere a  show called “Sister Wives” which is really nothing more than a version of “The Real Wives Of Polygamst Mormons.”  which follows the lovable exploits of polygamist patriarch Kody Brown and his Mormon fundamentalist family, comprising wives Meri (39), Janelle (40), and Christine (37), and their collective twelve children along with Robyn, the potential fourth wife being courted. (Um, TLC DOES know that polygomy is illegal, right?)

* Oh BIG SHOCKER.  Alexander Skarsgard says that gay vampire sex is fun.  The man is just one huge sexual swede and I love him for it.

*  Levi Johnston’s Johnson to run for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska?  Well if they voted for Sarah Palin I guess they’ll vote for anyone.  (And REALLY guys  I don’t know what any of you see in this douchebag.  He has a nice as and all but he’s definately a double-bagger in the looks department. And has the I.Q. of…….well Sarah Palin.)

*  Please don’t feed the Drag Queens.  Drag queen Jane Lane bit off a large chunk of a male model’ ear at NYC midtown club High Bar.  May I suggestion a for new drag name for this bitch?  RuMaul.

What do you think?

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