Watch The Video Interview With Luther King’s Niece Alveda King As She Betrays Her Heritage At The NOM Anti-Gay Hate Tour (Oh And She’s A Tea Party Member)

It’s hoprrible to think that a great man like Dr. Martin Luther King could even share DNA with this creature. 

Alevda King who has an Honorary Doctorate from a religious university and loves to put Dr. before her name to create the illusion of her Uncle and cash in on the King name. She’s also a feking professional nutter and there are articles about her and her King for America Foundation, are all over the web. Every time she turns up, she grows more and more disgusting.

Alveda’s most recent mpment of “bigot tea bag crazy” is when she took at shot at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s (NAACP) accusations that Tea Party activists tolerate bigotry

“NAACP, you’re still supporting Planned Parenthood, which is one of the most racist organizations in America today, and they have proven that over and over.  So [the NAACP’s] support of Planned Parenthood is just saying that they are ready to renounce racism when it’s inconvenient to them but to support racism when it’s beneficial to them

The woman is crazy, dellusional, ill-informed, and like many of MLK’s relatives just trying to make a quick buck for herslef and a name off her dead uncle.  She has betrayed the legacy of the King name.

She needs to look to the words of her Aunt Coretta Scott King: “Freedom from discrimination based upon sexual orientation is surely a Fundamental Human Right in any great democracy, as much as racial, freedom from religious, gender, or ethnic discrimination.”

What do you think?

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