Undercover At Peter LaBarbera and the Americans For Truth About Homosexuality’s Gay Hatefest "Truth Academy"

Well it’s looking that at least 3-4 of the 20 something attendee’s at Porno Pete LaBarbers and AFTAH were actually undercover homo’s and straight supportters who went in incognito to recored all th hate that was fit to print. 

Timna Axel was opne of them and she’s written a nify piece for Gapers Block all about Labarbera and his “instructors.”

Peter LaBarbera looked drained. His glasses drooped in weary harmony with the sandy hair barely populating his head, and even his suit seemed poised to crumple and fold. The soft-spoken conservative had clearly worked long hours trying to galvanize his newest venture, a group called Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH).

Of course he’s tired.  Between putting the hatefest together during the day and cruising the truckstops and leather bars at night Porno Pete must have been exhausted.

Also  Friendly Athiest sent in a few people to report.  And boy did they ever.  The piece is not as poetic as Timna’s account but it speaks volumes about the AFTHA itself and people involved in (AFTAH).including Cliff Kincaid.

Cliff Kincaid, America’s Survival and Accuracy in Media: “No Criticism of Homosexuality Allowed: Combatting Pro-Homsexual Media Bias“

His talk was all about the “Marxist philosophy” of the gay movement. He said that gays have a mental disorder that makes them more susceptible to manipulation and they want to strike back against American values. He explained how Bradley Manning, the serviceman responsible for the Wikileaks release, was gay and was getting back at the American military.
He showed Manning’s Facebook page, which showed many pro-gay group memberships. I also happened to notice Manning was a fan of P.Z. Myers‘ Pharyngula. Kincaid indicated that someone in the Obama administration must have known that Manning was gay and chose not to remove him, as is demanded by law.
He then went into a large web of information linking gay activists to Marxism. He drew a connection between pedophilia and homosexuality. Apparently, pro-gays want to eliminate age-of-consent laws because they are in cahoots with NAMBLA. He made the same connections with the Gay Liberation Network, the organization that picketed the event. He finally made a connection between Obama and communism.

Bith these articles are very good reads and everyone should check them out just to see what’s going on in these very scary peoples heads

What do you think?

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