Sunday Rant: Our Bi-Racial President Believes in LGBT Equality, The Repeal of DOMA (Suppossedly) But Not In Gay Marriage. (WTF?)

Our President Barack Obama is some piece of work.  A child of a Bi-racial couple who might never had been born if not for the landmark Loving v. Virgina case, and a man who has had to at least a few times felt the sting of disctimination and what it feels like to be a second class citizen before bullshitting his way into the Oval Office.  This man has the audacity to say that he supports LGBT Equality and the Repeal of DOMA but not gay marriage.

Obama’s week in review and his “opinions and reactions” after the wonderful Prop 8 overturn? 

Well on Wednesday following the ruling that struck down California’s gay marriage ban, known as Proposition 8, the White House issued a statement in support of the decision. A very weak statemnent.

“The president has spoken out in opposition to Proposition 8 because it is divisive and discriminatory. He will continue to promote equality for LGBT Americans,”

 Thats it. Two whole sentences.

The next day Politico repoted through a source that the President DOES NOT believe in same-sex marriage, only civil unions for gay and lesbian couples.  “He supports repealing the Defense of Marriage Act [DOMA],” the aide added, referring to the law that defines marriage as a heterosexual union for federal agencies.

The next day, White House adviser David Axelrod appeared on MSNBC to reiterate the president’s confusing position on gay unions.  Axelrod said the president opposed Proposition 8 because he felt it was “mean-spirited,” but emphasized that he supports recognizing gay and lesbian couples with civil unions, not marriage

Now lets get this straight.  He DOESN’T support same sex marriage, BUT DOES support only letting gays and lesbian couples civil unions, BUT ALSO suppoert repealing the Defense of Marriage Act [DOMA] which is a major stumbling block to gay marriage.

You can’t have it both ways Obama.  You are either for us, or against us and from where we sit it seems that fopr the past few years that you are againt but throw some “crumbs” and cocktail parties now and again to appease those Gay Inc. assholes who really aren’t in control of us anymore.

As an african american and product of a bi-racial couple you should be ashamed at yourself for dancing around this issue as if you can appease BOTH sides.

Well guess what.  YOU CAN’T/  We won;t accept it.  What you are doing just looks spineless, wishy-washy and as hard as you mihgjt like to try to play the middle all you are doing is screwing yourself and the Democratic Party.  The RIGHT will not bend.  And we won’t.  So unless you plan on doing a 360 and becoming a Republican all you are doing is alienating the progessive base that helped get you elected. Because and listen to me on this, NO ONE will vote for you .

The Democrats and you yourself may think that you have us over a barrel because whats the other choice, a Republican?  BIG SHIT.  At least with them we will get nothing.  With your balless non-leadership along with Democrats not knowing how to control thier own has royally screed us and the chance we had to make this country great again.  Health Care – compromise  – flop.  Budget –  compormise –  flop.  Stimulus – compromise – flop.  All for trying to bend to the Right  to be bi-partisan and they didn’t vote for it anyway with all the changes. 

I for one will not allow you to compromise on my rights!

As for the LGBT Community all we get grandiose promises that never materialize and are played along. DADT comprimised and screws, ENDA disappeared from radar, DOMA you say that you don’t support it but you allow the DOJ to defend it.   Dealing with you, Mr. President and the Democratic Party on LGBT Issues is like “fucking and never being allowed to cum” to put it bluntly.  We are teased, we are lied to, we are not supported and we are not a prioirty. 

Well you know what Barack?  YOU BETTER make us a priority.  Because one thing is for certain.  You WILL HAVE TO explain your stance on gay marriage and equality as the Prop 8 case gets closer to the Supreme Court.  And YOU WILL have to explain yourself not only us but those who are straight allies and the Progessives in 2012 if you run for re-election.  And you better believe that without us you WILL NOT WIN. 

There is no getting away from this Obama and the Democratic Party. 

Man up and grow some balls while there’s still time.  Or else many of you will be without jobs by the end of the next two years.  And your legacy will be having the chance to fix our country and put it back on the path to sanity and civility but were too spineless to do so.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Rant: Our Bi-Racial President Believes in LGBT Equality, The Repeal of DOMA (Suppossedly) But Not In Gay Marriage. (WTF?)

  1. Here's the thing: Gays and lesbians like to have it both ways when it comes to issues such as DOMA, DADT, and ENDA too. In fact, many (of us) were against the Prop 8 case before we were for it, DADT was actually defended by a gay activist when he worked for Clinton, and alot were for a seperate but equal ENDA. Wouldn't this be case of hypocrisy, a case of the pot calling the kettle black (no pun)?

    And it's not like we all should be surprised here; after all, we knew this before the election that Obama was for civil rights and that he seemed adamant about wanting to please the religious community. And still, guys like Aravosis and Signorile gave the all clear sign.

  2. This is true. But it's not all only about Gay Marriage. Look at the compromise thats happened on DADT, or the fact that ENDA has disappearred off the radar. And where Obama may not be personally for Gay "marriage" but for "Civil Unions" then he should back that up and helpoush for a law to be written that extends the exact same benefits and coverage under the law that hetro's have in "marriage" so gays and lesbian's would have under "civil unions" the only problem with that is it would take many many decades to do so.

    The easiest way to support eqaulity despite your deinaition of marriage is to draw a line and and have civil marriage and religious marriage as the Frech do.

    If he believes DOMA is unconstitutional then it only goes hand in hand thaty not allowing gay mariage is unconstitutional and thus if you do not support gay marriage then you are not upholding the constitution which is something a President must do regardless of his personal beliefs.

    Its really fucked up.

  3. Obama doesn't have personal opinions; he's a politician. Just like the vast majority of politicians he'll say whatever he has to to get into office. I hold no more respect for Obama than I did for Bush. Neither one of them care about the PEOPLE only about getting and staying in office.

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