San Diego Radio Station Jack FM 100. Mocks Uganda "Kill The Gays" Bill And Calls Gay Sex "DISGUSTING" – (Listen to Audio)

The San Diego morning show shock jocks on DSC at radio station Jack FM 100.7  went on a maocking marathon this morning of Uganda “kill the gays” bill supporter Pastor Martin Ssempa and his presentations at churches where he shows gay porn and describes anal sex in order to ratchet up anger, violence, and hate toward gay people.

But at one point they crossed the line and went into the BAD ZONE when they started one of the shock jocks Dave Rickards wasn’t laughing at Ssempa’s ridiculousness but agreeing with Ssempa at how disgusting gay anal sex is. The mockery begins at 56:18 in the third podcast down (8/23 7am). And continues at the beginning of the second one (8/23 8am).

Jack FM San Diego is a supposed male-oriented format and they probably thought it wasn’t a problem to do this given their intended demo. But what about the problems it might cause for those who miss the sarcasm and think of it as reality.  Yes, they are shock jocks, but there does come a point at a joke where one should stop before it becomes boring or offensive

Interestingly Rickards been very open in his opposition to Prop 8 and has talked about it as recently as last week when the Walker decision came down. The woman “Ruth” on the show is an out lesbian and talks about her life openly all the time.

It’s easy to laugh when you don’t have to think about these things. But personally, I’d rather think of these things and remind myself of just how serious this shit really is. Sure, they’re a couple of shock-jocks from San Diego, not like big wigs from Uganda are getting their talking points from these people, right? It’s like when people act racist to try to prove how un-racist they really are… It’s just NOT FUNNY.  Especially in the recent anti-gay climate.

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