Queen Latifah and Girlfriend – Trainer Jeanette Jenkins Smooch At The Seashore – COME OUT, COME OUT, WHEREVER YOU ARE ALREADY AND HELP YOUR COMMUNITY!

I’m sure that the Queen Latifan fans are going to bash me over this but why the hell won’t this big ole dyke come out of the loset already? 

Queen Latifa used to sing about women’s power and empowerment. And,Ms. Latifah recently came out with a book that lectures people on how to get self-esteem: “Put on Your Crown: Life-Changing Moments on the Path to Queendom.”  How in the world can she talk about self-esteem and empowerment when she hides in the closet?
Perhaps Queenie need to listen to and read another persons words of empowerment Harvey Milk, which ring just as true today as they day that he said them. (And substitute John Briggs with Tony Perkins and Anita Bryant with Maggie Gallagher.)

“My name is Harvey Milk, and I want to recruit you. I want to recruit you for the fight to preserve democracy from the John Briggs and Anita Bryants who are trying to constitutionalize bigotry…

On this anniversary of Stonewall, I ask my gay sisters and brothers to make the commitment to fight. For themselves, for their freedom, for their country…Gay people, we will not win our rights by staying silently in our closets…We are coming out. We are coming out to fight the lies, the myths, the distortions. We are coming out to tell the truths about gays, for I am tired of the conspiracy of silence, so I’m going to talk about it. And I want you to talk about it. You must come “out. Come out to your parents, your relatives.

With greater visibility comes greater acceptance.  Is it a personal amtter yes it is.  Is your rights and freedoms a personal matter YES IT IS,

Queen Latifah is NOT a stuggling artist.  She’s worth millions dollars.  And coming out could hardly hurt her financially or her career.  There really is no excuse. None at all. Tthere is no shame in being gay. Until everyone lives with this attitude on our own community we’ll continue to see our rights trampled on innocent  blood shed. And in Queen Latifah’s case what makes her hiding in the closet even worse is that the Afrian-American community suffers from a lack of real positive role models that live proud and out.

As of right now IMHO, Queen Latifah deserves ZERO respect from the gay community, because not only has she given us zero respect, but she’s actually hurt us by her obvious shame at being gay

2 thoughts on “Queen Latifah and Girlfriend – Trainer Jeanette Jenkins Smooch At The Seashore – COME OUT, COME OUT, WHEREVER YOU ARE ALREADY AND HELP YOUR COMMUNITY!

  1. You know this really isn't any of your damn business. You aren't really concerned for the Queen you are concerned with yourself. She has a right to lead her life privately and she does not have to answer to anyone. Deal with it.

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