Protect Marriage’s Final Motion Argument To Appeal The Lifting Of The STAY In Prop 8? "Responsible Procreation" – STFU!

Well Protect Marriages final mothin is in and its unbeliveably stupid.  According to Protect marriage the STAY on not performing anymore gay marriages should stay in place because the state’s job of promoting “responsible procreation” would be irrevocably harmed by gay marriage. 

Lets hear it for “responsible procreation.” Like Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston. Or Britney Spears, the Ocxtomom or the 40% rate of out-of-wedlock children born in California.

What a bunch of LOSERS.

Expect a ruling either later today or tomorrow at the latest!  (And if they win with that piece of crap there is something REALLY WRONG with the Ninth Circut.)

What do you think?

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