Protect Marriage Files 95 Page Emergency Motion For Stay To Prop 8 Overturn Pending Appeal – Read The Appeal Here

Well we knew it was coming. Even though California Govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown have no onterest in fighting Judge Vaugh Walkers reversal of Prop 8 or the lifting of the stay that now allows same sex marriage to resume on August 18th in California Protect Marriage has filed a 95 page “Emergency” motion for a new “Stay” to be put in plave which will put same sex marriage on hold until the 9th Circut hears the case.  (IF it hears the case)

Protect Marriage ‘s major 4 points are: 1. It’s always been done this way.  2. There is not enough data from Massachusetts to see if same-sex marriage works is a viable social construct. 3. Because CA voters said so.  4. The “Irreparable harm”  that will come to us if we marry then they win appeal and our marriages invalidated   (Oh look, the scumbags now care about us.)

It’s baically a 95 page tantrum of the same tired, full-of-shit ‘tradition of marriage’ ‘procreation’ ‘child needs mommy/daddy’ bullshit.  So much bullshit in fact that o pages 3, page 5 and again on page 36, they cite ‘common sense’ as evidence.

*You can read all 95 Pages of the “Emergency Stay” after the jump.  (Just CLICK “Read more….” below!)

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