Prop 8 Laywer Ted Olson Responds To Ninth Circut Courts STAY Order

“Today the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit set a highly expedited schedule for briefing and argument of proponents’ appeal from the district court’s August 4, 2010 decision striking down California’s Proposition 8 as an unconstitutional violation of the rights of gay and lesbian citizens to due process and equal protection of the law under the Fourteenth Amendment, and it granted proponents’ request to stay the judgment of the district court’s order while the appeal is decided. This means that although Californians who were denied equality by Proposition 8 cannot marry immediately, the Ninth Circuit, like the district court, will move swiftly to address and decide the merits of Plaintiffs’ claims on their merits.
We are very gratified that the Ninth Circuit has recognized the importance and pressing nature of this case and the need to resolve it as quickly as possible by issuing this extremely expedited briefing schedule. As Chief Judge Walker found, Proposition 8 harms gay and lesbian citizens each day it remains on the books. We look forward to moving to the next stage of this case,”

I do like how Olsen and Boies play this, always staying classy, respectful. and professional unlike the other side would have or even our gay comminty lawyers would have if they would have handeled this. And it is interesting that the Appeal has to prove its standing, so it may even get tossed on the lack of proof of standing or harm.

Buit in the meantime just to make a statement someone should sue the state of California to stop all heterosexual marriages too while we get this sorted out. I fear my breeder brethern will be irreperably harmed if they get married in this environment!

What do you think?

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