New York Democratic Leader John Sampson Turns His Back On The LGBT Community – Will Support The 6 NY Democrats Who Voted Against Same-Sex Marriage And LGBT Enemy Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr,

New York State Senate Democratic leader John Sampson met with LGBT Advoicates advocates to dfiscuss key issues during a two-hour meeting with the Stonewall Democratic Club.where Sampson sdid not budge on his previous statement that he pledges to support all Senate Dems seeking reelection, including the six who voted against the same-sex marriage bill, killing it, 38 to 24,  An angry exchange ensured that got so heated Sampson threatened to walk out.

Sampson has also refused to promise to put the same-sex marriage bill up for another vote

The LGBT community is concerned that Sampson support Queens Sen. Shirley Huntley, a “no” voter facing a primary challenge from gay-marriage supporter Lynn Nunes. Sampson gave Huntley $9,500 from his own campaign cash and tried unsuccessfully to prevent the Empire State Pride Agenda, New York’s largest LGBT organization, from endorsing Nunes.

Sampson is also supporting homophobic and LGBT enemy Bronx Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr., the most vocal opponent of gay marriage in the Democratic conference. Sampson is headlining a fund-raiser Thursday for Diaz Sr.

Its crystal clear that we can no longer give to the Democratic Party in a blanket way.  Gay money must ONLY go to gay positive candidates and we the members LGBT Comminity must start running for political office, back our own peoples campaigns, and win our own seats.  Because obviously the Democrats care only about their fellow Democrat politicians and not its constituants.

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