National Organization For Marriage Stop In Des Moines, Iowa Draws 86 Supporters – ONE IOWA’s Counter Rally Draws Over 300 Pro Gay Rights Supporters!

The National Organization For Marriage’s “One Man, One Woma” HATE-APOLOOZA puilled into Des Moines Iowa today. 

Since the unanimous Iowa Supreme Court decision last year ruling that excluding same-sex couples from the freedom to marry is unconstitutional, and Gay Marriage has been legal in Iowa since, the issue has largely faded as a controversy.  Until today.

The focus of today’s NOM rally in Des Moines was on the “secretive” and “backdoor” tactics used by equality activists to pass marriage in Iowa.  (And if anyone knows about secretive backdoor activities it’s most certainly Brian Brown)

“Here in Iowa, you’re being told that you don’t have the right to vote, Brown said. “It’s really a very simple concept, if you want to change something so fundamental . . . At the very least, let the people have their say at the ballot box.” ( Perhaps weshoulkd put to a vote that all fat blonf male closeted bigots be shipped to Uganda?  See ya Brian!)

After that Tamara Scott, Iowa State Director of Concerned Women for America, took athe religious track and also acknowledged the Tea Party. “Today I’m going to talk to you as a private citizen . . . a concerned mother . . . a taxpayer…….I’d rather be hated [by man] than be a stench in the nostrils of God Almighty.”It’s time to put your pinky down, put down the teacup and have an energy drink.”. (Tamara that stench is you)

All in all it was typoical NOM bullshi with Buttboy Brian Brown ending in the standard chant “Let Us Vote”.  (*Yaaaaawn)

Later sanity finally began to return to Des Moines when One Iowa  along with over 300  equality activists and their families held a short rally about an hour later 2 miles away after the NOMBIES  left the State House.  (I can hear the fake “Breaking News” cast now.  “As the NOM Bus pulled out of Iowa 300 angry gay radical activist joined together in “mind power” to give our fearless leader Brian Brown a case of indegestion telepathically)

The One Iowa rally was filled with balloons, rainbow flags and love.  A stark contrast from NOM’s hateful anti-civil rights and fire and brimstone message.

Source:  NOM Tour Tracker

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