Meg Whitman Is A Bitch – Defends Prop 8 For Fun and Profit

Meg Whitman, the former CEO of eBay who once shoved her subordinate, communications employee Young Mi Kim while preparing for an interview and who sat on the Board of Goldman-Sachs whose executives have donated over $100,000 to her camnpaign for Govenor of Cal;ifornia HAS THE NERVE to publically critize Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Attorney Jerry Brown for not defending the state’s gay marriage ban, known as Proposition 8 for fun, profit and to gain some GOP backslaps.

In remarks made hours before speaking at the opening of the state’s three-day GOP convention in San Diego, Whitman made it clear that as governor she would have handled the situation differently. She said the men have an obligation to defend the Constitution and to “enable the judicial process to go along.So if I was governor, I would give that ruling standing to be able to appeal to the circuit court,” she said Friday

Whitman and Brown have been neck-and-neck since September in their pursuit to take over the reins from outgoing Schwarzenegger. 
Whitman who is running absurdly false attack ads agaisnt Brown was also called “Evil Meg” by eBay underlings.  Whitman left Ebay for Goldman Sachs, but  then Meg Whitman was ordered  to pay $395,000 to settle with the eBay shareholders and was then thrown off Goldman’s board like a bottle of warm piss from a speeding big rig. After her departure Goldman Sachs paid $110 million to settle with SEC . And to this day Meg Whitman claims that she did nothing wrong.
Whitman is an evil, homophobic, manipulative, dishonest BITCH. 
Somebody in California needs to throw a bucket of water (or warm piss) on her quickly so we can watch her mealt and be done with her.

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