Lesbian Mary Cheney Continues To Be A Traitor To The LGBT Community By Donating To Anti-Gay New Hampshire Senate Candidate

Satan’s Lottle Lesbian Mary Cheney has proven once again that she is no more than a traitor to the LGBT community by donating t$500.00 to Kelly Ayotte, New Hampshire’s Republican 2010 Senate candidate.  Yes it might  think it’s only be $500.00, big deal. .  But Cheney has publicly spoken about how she supports same-sex marriage, and yet she’s donating to Ayotte who does not and this eems to be a recurring thing for her.  Last year she donated  $1,000  to Ohio Republican Rep. Rob Portman’s U.S. Senate campaign.whose voting record is made up of trying to ban gay adoptions and same-sex marriage.

Quite simply Mary Cheney is a privleged bitch who lives in a consequence free world bought and paid for by her fathers political influence. Why should the bitch care about a politicians views on gays? She will never be harmed by any anti-gay laws passed and never suffer under the draconian laws of that country, Mary Cheney can do whatever she wants and her daddy’s friends will always take care of her. I

I just truly hope that one day her Ivory tower comes crashing down around her and she gets all that she deserves.

What do you think?

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