LIARS EXPOSED – Prop 8 Anti-Gay Backers Alliance Defense Fund Says Its "All About Marriage" Well It’s Not – They Just Hate Us And Here’s The Proof

We alsways hear anti-gay groups say it’s all about redefining the word “marriage” well it’s not.  You and I know that but here comes the prrof.  The pro-Prop. 8 Alliance Defense Fund who more than once has said it’s all about “re-defining the owrd marriage”  are now supporting the Right Wingnut Haters in Wisconsin known as  “Wisconsin Family Action”  that doesn’t want gay couples to have ANY BENEFITS even from such watered down unions as Civil Unions or Domestic Partnerships.

A Social conservative group filed a lawsuit today challenging Wisconsin’s domestic partner registry, arguing it is a violation of the state’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

The lawsuit filed in Dane County Circuit Court by members of Wisconsin Family Action contends the registry creates a legal status substantially similar to that of marriage.

Gov. Jim Doyle, a Democrat, proposed the registry as a means of granting same-sex couples more legal rights, such as the right to visit each other in hospitals, make end-of-life decisions and inherit each other’s property. The Democratic-controlled Legislature approved the registry and it went into effect in August 2009. By the end of the year 1,329 couples had signed up.

The same-sex marriage ban, actively pushed by the same group bringing the lawsuit against the registry, was added to the constitution by voters in 2006.

So you see it’s not about only “gay marriage”.  It’s about hate, fear and stupidity that hides behind a twisted version of Christianity.  They really just want to oppress the LGBT Community anyway that they can.  They try to ban same-sex marriage. When they can get that, they go for domestic partnership bans. When they get that, they go after gay adoptions. When they get that, they go after any legal document or arrangement whatsoever that “purports to convey rights and privileges normally associated with marriage.  And eventually they will get to the point where they want to make homosexuality to be made a felony again if we all don;t stand up and destroy these groups.

LAIRS.  HOMOPHOBES. CHRISTOMANIACS, BIGOTS, and EVIL.  Thats what they are plain and simple. And everyon one of us need to do EVERYTHING in our power to fight them and expose them for what they are by whatever means possible.

What do you think?

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