Lady Gaga WILL NOT Boycott Arizona (VIDEO)

Last week GetEQUAL called on Lady Gaga to boycott Arizona and cancel her concert there because of Arizona’s uncontitutional and draconian immigration laws.

Last night we got her answer on the boycott and the Lady doth refuse.

Gaga tweeted before her concert last night right before her concert in Phoenix: “Tonight we will continue to actively protest social and political injustices in Arizona. We will sing, we will stand up, + we will be heard.” She then took a few minutes during her show to address SB 1070.

“”I will not cancel my show. I will yell and I will scream louder and I will hold you and we will hold each other and we will peacably protest this state. Do not be afraid because if it wasn’t for all of you immigrants, this country wouldn’t have shit.”

Personally I am none all too thrilled with her answer.  (And since when is boycotting NOT a peaceable protest?)

Watch a clip of her at last nights concert in Phoenix as she talks about SB 1070.

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