Jarod McIntosh Didn’t Ask. And He Didn’t Tell But He’s Still Being Discharged From The Navy Because Of Pictures On His Cellphone

OakyJarod McIntosh did a stupid thing he accidentally brought his camera-equipped cell phone into a submarine, which is a restricted area.  But that is NOT what Jarod  is being discraged for.

Whats Jarod IS being discharged for is the fact that his superiors confiscated his phone to ensure it didn’t contain any classified material. It didn’t. But there were what sounds like intimate photos of Jared and his boyfriend Doug. Jared is being discharged not for breaking the rules about bringing audio-video equipment into a restricted area, but for being gay

Now I have no I have no desire to personally join the military, but this is an employment discrimination issue and it TRULY SUCKS that we have a President and democratic leadership with a backbone whatsoever.

What do you think?

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