Interviews From Glenn Beck’s "Restoring Honor" Rally – Indeed The AntiChrist Has Risen! (Video)

Welcome To The Dixie County Reunion!

Chase Whiteside and NewLeftMedia went to The Antichrist Gelnn Becks “Restoring Honor” Rally and interviewed a large cross section of ateendee’s all of who have very small minds. 

Last year, Beck referred to Barack Obama—our country’s first African-American President–as a “racist… who has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.” When offered the chance to respond to Beck’s statements, his demon spawn either agreed with him or simply refused to believe that he had ever made them.

The overwhelmingly white crowd expressed paranoid and conspiratorial fears of multiculturalism—that atheists or black liberation theologists or radical Muslims or “free-loading” Latinos were going to ruin our country. There was the constant suggestion that white Christians and their way of life are somehow under assault,.

Interestingly also it seems that with over 1000 atendee’s there were only 35 good teeth between the bunch..

So scary.  Hold me Tom Hardy

What do you think?

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