Homo Say What? Watch NOM’s Maggie Gallagher SLAM Judge Vaughn Walkers "Judical Actism" After Only 18 People Show Up for NOM Rally In Charleston, WV

Arisha Michelle of NOM Tour Tracker caught up with Maggie Gallagher hot off her recent NOM Rally that drew a whole 18 people in Charleston, WV.

Watch as Maggie stumbes, fumbles, contridicts, backpeddles and just plain chews her cud.\ And just makes a total UTTER ass of herself. 

Put down the twinkie you fat cow.  Years from now when she realizes that she’s on the wrong side of history and tries to talk away her deplorable, despicable, and hateful self.  I bet you 10 – 1 she tries to use the TWINKIE DEFENSE.

Mooooooooo, Maggie.  Mooooooooooo.

What do you think?

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