Homo Say What? – The National Organization For Marriage’s Brian Brown: – We Don’t Need No Stinking Homo Lyching Signs

Well Brian Brown is upset.  (Fat, ugly, and hateful also)  Seems he’s pissed that people are upset about anti-gay signs and most especially the one that promotes lynching gays as the answer to the end of marriage.  And in typical Neocon form Miss Brown refuses to have NOM take ANY rsponsibilities for its members or whats said or happens at its events and once again trys to spin everything onto us “gay marriage radicals”

“The New Hampshire Democratic Party has slurred NOM’s good name and the good people of New Hampshire who rightly believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman,” said Brian Brown, NOM’s president. “They’ve escalated their inflammatory rhetoric beyond their customary insulting charge of bigotry and discrimination, and now are actually saying that NOM and supporters of traditional marriage want to murder gays. It’s totally outrageous and should be condemned, as should all violence and threats of violence.”

First of all, the lone sign that the NHDP mentions was not a NOM sign, but something briefly displayed by a single individual at a rally,” Brown said. “Secondly, NOM immediately told the individual to take the sign down because it was disgusting and not reflective of NOM’s message or mission: we love marriage and call on all our supporters to respond to incivility and threats with love and respect. NOM immediately issued both nationwide emails and a nationwide press release condemning the sign, as well as threats mounted by gay marriage radicals against NOM. What’s particularly interesting about the press release with its murder slur is that in their zeal to score political points, the Democratic Party has shown itself to be nothing more than a tool of national gay marriage groups.”

Oh pleeeeeeeeeease bitch!

How many of  your bible thumping Christian speakers just stop short for calling for every homosexual to be put to death.  Hmmmmmm?  And there is video proof that NOM did not have your loyal minion take his sign down, in fact he happily and proudly showed it for the cameras of the Courage Campaign and you had someone tell him to be careful of what he said.

Also there was no immediate response from you.  And I under the guise of another name am on your email list and there was no immediatel nationwide email

Apparently Brian you had an uneventful time in Sioux City today (Oh, he did only 53 NOM supporters showed) so Brian had to find something that might allow him to play the martyr and produce a little more fund raising word drool.

Brian, you bore me/

What do you think?

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