Homo Say What? – "Everyone should be supporting of this move by Ken Mehlman and embracing him." – MY REBUTTAL (Video)

Openly gay MSNBC reporter Thomas Roberts interviewd GOProud’s(goodlooking, but incredibly hypocrital) Christopher Barron who insisted that Ken Mehlman isn’t any more or a jerk than the Democrats who lent support to the idea that marriage is for heteros only. Then Barron, the oxyMORONic gay Republican obstructionist says it’s time to put “partisan politics” aside.

Perhaps Barron (and HRC as a matter of fact) who are out there supporting Mehlman over this “journey of coming out” seem to forget that he IS THE ROY COHEN OF OUR GENERATION.

Those in the Gay Community who have the spotlight cannot accept and give  token nods simply because you think that they may attract a few delusional looney toons  into MAYBE (But probably not) casting some votes for repugnatican candidates. Melhman cut a wide swath of destruction thru the Gay community for decades. DECADES!  He did not come out at the age of 45 because he “sudden;y realized” he was gay or because he suddenly heard the voice of gay angels singing showtunes and saw the bright shining hevaenbly light with Judy fucking Garland standing in it!  IT IS NOT courageous to come out after several decades hiding while throwing your tribe members under the bus time and time and time again, I must be fucking SUPERMAN for having come out while still in my teens without causing harm to my community Where’s my interview?

I would hope that the MOUTHPIECES of gay community is collectively intelligent enough not to unreservedly welcome people into the fold just because it’s Uber-PC or the fact that they have alot o money.  Community entails responsibilities

To be perfectly blunt: I don’t want Mehlman as part of my community. He should be shunned unless he makes a major breakthrough in Republican Party thinking (which is definitely not going to happeni)

So Chris Barron….  FUCK YOU!



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