Homo Say What?: Anti-Gay Republican Roy Ashburn Speaks About And Supports Anti-Gay Republican Ken Mehlman. (A Match Made in HELL!)

“I’m pleased for him because knowing what I’ve been through in trying to keep a secret for so many years and in trying to hide my secret, doing things that were hurtful to gay people, coming to the realization that you can actually admit who you truly are, and to stop the hiding and the actions around that which are hurtful … I mean that’s a big breakthrough and I’m happy for him. … I would argue that the Republican party, because of the principles underlying Republicanism, really is the party that should be championing equal rights for gay people, for all people. For me this is very clear.” –  California State Sen. Roy Ashburn on his fellow self loathing, hypocritical, anti-gay and newly OUT Republican (Soon to be fuck buddy because no one else will touch them) Ken Mehlman

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