Federal Judge Benjamin Settle Keeps Restraining Order In Place To Seal Washington’s Referendum 71’s Petitioners Names – WORST Judge Ever!

It just goes to show you that for every Vaugh Walker there is a BIZARRO World version and this one’s name is Federal Judge Benjamin Settle

Settle who obviously doesn’t follow the Supreme Court does has decided that until he can hear arguments about releasing the names of Referendum 71’s backers who signed petitions calling for a state vote on expanded domestic partnerships for gay couples will remained sealed until he makes his decision on weather to release them or block them for good.

The U.S. Supreme Court had ruled in June that release of the signatures does not violate constitutional rights, but said the group behind the Washington state initiative can still try to prove the release would put petition-signers in danger (Because we all know that there are so many straight bashings out there.)

Referendum campaign organizer and major wingnut homophobe LOSER  Larry Stickney (Click this LINK to travel over to Pam’s House Blend and see how much of a LOSER this dude really is.) said he and others in the campaign were subjected to threats and harassment for their involvement in the effort

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