EXCLUSIVE: Tea Party Raising Money By Obtaining Concealed Carry Gun Permits For It’s Members

The Northern Kenticky Tea Party who is affiliated with The Cincinnati Tea Party, The Ohio Liberty Council and Glen Becks 9/12 Project has found a novel and most probably the SCARIEST way to raise funds.

They are charging thier members to be able to get a Concealed Carry Gun Permits!   You do have to take a short course before you can get one of course.  But as they say in their email. No shooting experience is required, (Or sanity either)

Here’s what they are charging to arm their members.

The cost is $85.00 and here is a breakdown of where the money goes:

$25 To the State of KY
$15 To Joe Kalil to cover actual costs
$45 To Tea Party
This has got to be one of the scariest, craziest, most irresponsible things I have ever read..  Are they looking to start a war?
*I’ve done a snapshot of the complete email for proof that they have sent out to thier members and it is posted after the jump.  (CLICK Read more…)

3 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Tea Party Raising Money By Obtaining Concealed Carry Gun Permits For It’s Members

  1. Any of you are welcome to obtain a permit too. I am surprised at a group like yours that advocates freedom and rights that you do not support the right of self-protection. I have communicated with and supported a member of the "Pink Pistols" – a pro-gun gay, lesbian & transgender group when she came and spoke to a local gun rights group. This is about me trying to support a group that wants this country to return to its Constitutional roots. This group opposes both far-left liberal idealogy and is fed up with the actions of your typical Republican. This is not about taking arms up against ANYONE – it is about self-protection. This course is a state-mandated & regulated course and you are welcome to come obtain a permit too. No secret agenda here. May God Bless Your Group. — Joe Kalil, Instructor

  2. First of all being gay is NOT a group.

    Secondly the fact that the Tea Party is raising money off of this is horrendous.

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