UPDATE: Love Honor and Cherish Challanges David Fleischer’s "The Prop 8 Report" – Cites Study As Being "Flawed" And Calls Fleischer’s Ties To The L.A. Gay and Lesbian Community Center Into Question

PDATEEarlier this morning I posted about avid Fleischer’s “Masive 513 page The Prop 8 Report” and reported that in the past and present Fliesher has ties to both The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Community Center and it’s Executive Director Lorri Jean who were major parts of the massive FAIL of the “No on 8” campaign and exactly just how onjective David Fleisher could be because of this.

This afternoon Love Honor Cherish  a Los Angeles-based grassroots organization committed to repealing Prop 8 and to developing a new generation of leadership on the issue of gay amrriage released the following press release:



Report by Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Centerʼs Dave Fleischer Likely To Be Misused To Try To Stall Efforts To Persuade Voters To Support Marriage Equality And To Repeal Prop 8 in 2012

(LOS ANGELES – August 3, 2010)

The new report on Proposition 8 by Dave Fleischer of the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center released today is severely flawed. Although many aspects of the report are helpful and constructive, the report makes the assertion that “If all voters had correctly understood how to vote to express their opinion on same-sex marriage, Prop 8 would have passed 54% to 46%,by a 1,000,000 vote margin. To reverse the result, we start out 1,000,000 votes behind.” 

This assertion is wrong and unsupportable,” stated Love Honor Cherish Board Chair Tom Watson. “As set out in the briefing by renowned political polling firm David Binder Research,which was also released today, ʻwrong-way votingʼ had no effect ʻon the outcome of the Proposition 8 ballot initiative.ʼ” “It is also misleading since repeated polls since the 2008 election have demonstrated increased support for same-sex marriage in California. In the PPICʼs March 2010 survey of Californians, 50% support same-sex marriage and only 45% oppose.”

The report further asserts, based on its wrong-way voting analysis, that “it is possible that it will take longer to return to the ballot and win than some believed when 2010 and 2012 were the only options given serious consideration.”  “We are left to wonder why Fleischer, who is not an expert in statistics or polling, would put forth such an analysis,” said Watson. “We can only surmise that the report is designed to benefit those who favor waiting before going to the ballot to repeal Prop 8.”

Indeed, although the report claims to be independent, its findings are likely affected by the fact that Fleischer is an employee of the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, which is not on the record as favoring going to the ballot in 2012 and which is headed by Executive Director Lorri Jean, the former co-leader of the No on Prop 8 Campaign.

Love Honor Cherish Board Member Lester Aponte called on all Californians to ignore the naysaying in the report and take affirmative action to repeal Prop 8. “The tide has been with us since November 2008. Poll after poll demonstrates that support for same-sex marriage has risen dramatically and continues to rise. The lesson of Prop 8 is that all Californians who support same-sex marriage must get out there and talk to their family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to explain why marriage equality is important.”

We cannot let those who would concoct 400,000 additional votes in favor of Prop 8 demoralize us or stall our efforts to repeal Prop 8 in 2012,” said Aponte. “We must fight for whatʼs right now, not later. And, rather than focus on flawed, two-year-old polling data, we should look to recent polls, each of which show that we can win in 2012.”

I can guarentee you  that in the future we are going to hear much more about Fleisher, his ties to Lori Jean and the L.A. Center in the future.

Mark my words.

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