BUSTED! – TARGET Anti-Gay Political Donations Have Been Going On For Years, Despite "Apology" 240,000 Boycott Signatures Delivered To TARGET Corporate Offices (Video)

Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel has come out with a statement that states the company is “genuinely sorry” for donating $150,000 in cash and services to the political action committee MN Forward which has been backing anti-gay MN Candisdate Tom Emmer.  . Steinhafel also told employees (and, by proxy, consumers) today, “We remain fully committed to fostering an environment that supports and respects the rights and beliefs of all individuals.”  (But Target DID NOT make a matching donation to any pro-gay political group to balance it out) 

But according to The Awl’s Abe Sauer, “Further research shows that Target has funneled significant funding to the most socially conservative of Republicans and that it boasts a frightening culture of anti-gay candidate support from Target’s own stable of top executives.”

*Read more about Target’s other anti-gay political donations and Watch The Video of the 240,000 boycott signatures being delieved to Target Headquarters after the jump……
It also turns out that CEO Gregg Steinhafel has personally  personally donated money to the campaign of that hateful crazy bitch Rep. Michele Bachmann.  And thats not all.

Target’s current group of top corporate officers have supported a murderers row of anti-gay politicians. Even more confusing, some of those anti-gay candidates supported by Target’s PAC and its executives don’t even represent Minnesota.

Of the small handful of donations he’s made, Target CFO Douglas Scovanner has given to both Rep. John Kline and Rep. Erik Paulson. John Kline joined Bachmann with a group of Republican members of Congress who put their names on a lawsuit to force the District of Columbia to put gay marriage to a Prop 8-like referendum. Meanwhile, Paulson supports amending the constitution to ban gay equality.

Of the five candidates to whom Target CMO Michael Francis has donated, three are George W. Bush and the aforementioned John Kline and Erik Paulson. Target’s Chief Information Officer Beth Jacob gave her largest personal donation ever to Erik Paulson. John Kline also received money from Terrence Scully, Target’s president of financial services. So did anti-gay amendment-supporter Mitch McConnell, who isn’t even a representative of Minnesota

Target’s own PAC, the newly formed Citizens Political Forum, has been funneling money to groups like Freedom First PAC, the who are made up of supporters of outgoing Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, whose is also anti-LGBT equality.

It’s one more way some of the billions Target generates every year finds the pockets of bigoted anti-gay politicians.

Yes, CEO Gregg Steinhafel is sorry……..SORRY THEY GOT CAUGHT.


Today Randi Reitan, the woman seen on YouTube last week cutting up her Target charge card to protest Target’s action was joined by her husband Phillip and Son Jacob to deliver signatures of 240,000 people across the nation to the Target CEO.pledging to boycot Target.


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